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ATLAS BX is a specialized enterprise which is producing SLI batteries, AGM batteries and VRLA industrial batteries. Now, the company is entering a new area vastly different from the past to meet growing and diverse customers’ needs. To provide power solutions and opportunities to customers, constantly creating a lean, customer-focused organization.

ATLAS BX has been established in 1944 named as “ISAN CORPORATION ”, It has been merged into HANKOOK Tire Group in 1977 and regional sales networks have been organized for the domestic sales. Also, it had been a listed company on the KOSDAQ to secure funds directly in the stock exchange market in 1994.
  • The strong points of ATLAS BX’s maintenance -free batteries are minimized self-discharge and maximized heat resistance by adapting a special calcium-alloy and a X-FRAME. The center lug and low-resistance isolation plates making better ignition power and lifespan.

    ATLAS BX is continuing to lead new battery technologies through endless innovations including AGM battery for Micro Hybrid Vehicles without satisfying current position since the first Korean developer of MF battery as a pioneer in 1980.

    Having focused its core competence on continuous R&D and quality control for securing global competitiveness over leading companies in the international markets, ATLAS BX has acquired ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949 as well as Eco-friendly Management Certification the product reliability certification "R-Mark" for the first time in Korean battery industries.

    On the other hand, ATLAS BX is investing on the environmental pollution facilities for the contribution to public welfare. ATLASBX's outstanding achievements are now making the world into a more clean, convenient and productive place. Also, ATLASBX got the “Award of Good Labor-Relations” achieving sound labor relations from the Korean Ministry of Labor in 2009.

    On the foundation of over 60 years experience in the battery production, ATLAS BX is preparing for taking off new stage for the benefits of all of valued customers and shareholders. From industrial batteries to batteries for micro hybrid vehicles, ATLAS BX boasts world-leading technologies.

    Now, ATLAS BX is starting a new engine in energy storage devices such as wind and solar power generation and willing to contribute to minimize carbon dioxide emissions and taking part in a global wide efforts to keep our beautiful planet cleaner and safer.