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    Benefits of AGM for ISS
  • Excellent starting power

    - Superior starting power, even at lower temperatures

    - Extremely minimal electric resistance, causing a quick reaction

    - More reaction surface area increasing energy density at the same size flooded batteries

    The Extreme Durability

    - Higher energy to restart the car

    - 4 times the longest cycle life than flooded MF batteries

    - High charge acceptance

    Safety and Easy handling

    - 100% leak & spill-proof 180°

    - Vibration resistance

    - Non-hazardous battery classification for land, sea, and air traffic

Application : Luxury sedans and ISS vehicles, Leisure purpose Vehicles(RV, Marine & Caravan)

* ISS (Idling Stop & Start) System

When the car comes to a stop in a traffic jam or at a red light and the gear of transmission is put neutral, the engine is automatically turn off. As soon as the driver put the ‘D’ mode at the auto transmission (first gear at the manual transmission), the engine restarts automatically. The ISS system offers reducing fuel consumption and CO₂emissions.

JIS Gr.No Catalogue No.
Dimension(mm) Layout Terminal Hold-down
D26 AX D26R 75 720 260 172 200 220 1 Standard B1
L3 AX 570 760 70 760 277 174 190 190 0 Standard B13
L4 AX 580 800 80 800 314 174 190 190 0 Standard B13
L5 AX 595 850 95 850 352 174 190 190 0 Standard B13
D26 AX D26L 75 720 260 172 200 220 0 Standard B1
C31 AX 31-800 90 800 330 172 218 242 2 STUD  

ABXAGM Technology 

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Seperator 

Minimized electric resistance, half of flooded battery

 - Provide outstanding cranking power, due to the enhanced ionic transfer

No plate movement and completely spill-and leak-proof

- Installation may be at any angle position, even horizontally


Addition of fine fiber to active material

 - Longer Life, Stabler Starting Power and Stronger durability

HDA High Density Active-Material

High pressure of glass mat acting against the plate

- Prevent from shedding of active material and as a result, ensure longer life

VRLA Sealed Construction advanced gas recombination Tech

Valve Regulated Vent Plug

- Enables to Stable cranking power

- No acid leakage from vent plug

One-Way Venting System

- Provide constant partial pressure in each cell

- 100% leak-proof and safe handling

High Dimension of Grid Structure

Provide more reaction surface area and increase of energy density

Starved Electrolyte Structure

- Increase of energy density, due to no free electrolyte

Reinforced Case Design

- Protects battery from vibration

- Provides consistent element compression